Wedding Rehearsal Fashion for the Bride-to-Be

Hello, Future Mrs.!! So excited you are here!! Today we are talking all about your wedding rehearsal dress!! I have so many brides ask me about where to get a white wedding rehearsal dress! I know this is something some brides might not think about until the last minute. For my wedding rehearsal dress, I waited until the last minute because I was so focused on all the last minute wedding to do’s I forgot about a rehearsal dress! I ended up going online and ordering 4 different styles, chose one for the rehearsal then took the others on our honeymoon, so it worked out. ; ) A lot of the cute white dresses you have pinned on Pinterest might be sold out by the time you ponder over it and actually decide to order that dress you have been eyeing. If you know that’s the one you want, go for it! I remember I had the hardest time finding any white dresses at the mall or online, it was the month of May so wedding season already kicked in so I felt everywhere was sold out of what I was looking for! BUT I did the work for you! Below are several styles of white wedding rehearsal dresses in all different price ranges that you can check out! TIP: If you see a dress you love, most sites will let you sign up with your e-mail address to be notified when it gets back in stock and you can order it!


cut out button

Lulu’s, $62.00 (You have to see the button down back on this one!)

cream maxi skirt

Lulu’s, $77

formal white dress

Lulu’s, $179

off shoulder lace

Dottie Couture Boutique, $32

off the shoulder bow

Dottie Couture Boutique, $34

lace sleeves

Lulu’s, $27 (final sale)

3:4 sleeve white

Lulu’s, $44

white tea dress

Lulu’s, $58

maxi romper dress

Saved by the Dress, $59

off the shoulder

Nordstrom, $232

White Modern Sequin Dress

Nordstrom, $318








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